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DIY Home Security Ideas

Having a secure home always ranks among the highest priorities of anyone who is looking for a new home. There are many ways by which you can ensure the security of your home. But for many it might not be possible to arrange the best gears and supplies required to do so. So, today we are going to discuss how you can deal with the security issues of your home by yourself.

There are a few priorities that you must keep in mind in order to construct a secure infrastructure for your home. Those priorities are discussed shortly to give you a proper outline on how you can manage everything below-

  1. Points of entry:

Every home consists of points of entry/exit via which people can enter/exit with or without your knowledge such as the doors and windows. To make sure that your doors are secure and break proof, what you can do is install one inch dead bolt locks. If your door is made with accuracy to its frame then your door becomes nearly unbreakable. You can also install interior door hinges so that no mechanism can be used to infiltrate the door from outside. And for the windows or sliding doors, you can opt of metal bars so that even if they are broken, no one can enter easily. You can even get a few glass breakage detectors so that when your windows are broken, the frequency detection procedure sets off alarms.

  1. Home surveillance system:

To keep eye on what happens inside and outside your home for security purposes, you can opt for a home surveillance system. Such a system can be used for various purposes. If the wiring of your home is safe from outside tampering, then this is a great option. You can use it to feed live footage of the outskirts and insides of your home via CCTV’s. Timed security lights outside of your home can also be synchronised for better security.

  1. External assistance:

Local authorities provide night watch support and patrols for the safety purposes of civilians. You can stay updated with their schedules to be more precise with security measures. Also, if budget is not an issue, you can opt for security service providers that give security personnel and surveillance packages. Guard dogs are also another good option if you yourself are not afraid of them.

  1. Personal aids:

If all else fails, you can have certain self-defence mechanisms installed inside your home like sprinklers and flash lighting. Also, keeping a few weapons might not be that bad if you know how to handle yourself around them and intruders in case of an emergency. But make sure that your weapons like knives or hammers or even a handgun does by no means fall in the hands of the intruder. It will do you more harm than good.

When it comes to having a sound nights’ sleep, having a secure home is a must. You can get it done on your own if you take the initiative and if you are smart, you’ll also end up saving lots of money.

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