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How to get rid of a stalker

A stalker is basically a person who does not prefer your preferences. It might be a person who you no longer like or want to be a part of your daily life or it can be someone who you think is obstructing your way of life. In most cases, an ex-partner or even someone who has a crush on you can become a stalker. It can even be a stranger, someone you have never seen in your life. Nevertheless, whoever it may be necessary steps must be taken to ascertain your safety. But, stalkers are resilient creatures. So the best way to deal with them is by avoiding them. And today we are going to discuss how you can effectively accomplish that.

Whether you know the stalker or not, the first and foremost thing that you must do while trying to avoid a stalker is clarify your position. People who stalk usually showcase similar types of Behavioural output. So if a person is approaching you against your will resulting in your discomfort then you must clearly State your position. Let the stalker know that you do not like what he is doing. Deny him any and all forms of communication and relationship probabilities. But if he is a persistent stalker there’s a very good chance that he will not be convinced so easily.

If the stalker is still following you around and intervening in your personal space, now is the time to get things done. You can start off by preparing a safety kit that you can carry around at all times. Be sure to have at least a pepper spray, a mini hydraulic horn and small blade for safety measures if things get too physical. It is best at all times not to engage in verbal communication with the stalker at all times to reinforce your stance about how you feel.

If the stalker is still disturbing you and has taken his approach via social media and other communication methods then it is high time if you keep records of the things that he’s saying or doing to you. You can keep screenshots of texts, record calls and even keep photos the suspected stalker. All these must be safe be kept away in a place which is beyond the reach of others. What is in case of legal proceedings, these might come handy. Another good way to tackle a severe case of stalking is to let your closest friends know. You can arrange a safety deposit box at a bank for the safekeeping of copies of your Ids and general information that your friends can use in case of your unscheduled absence.

If the stalker has hardly breached your privacy then now is the time to get it back. You can start by changing phone numbers. By now you should also focus on avoiding contact with people who are in direct contact with the stalker if his identity is known. His means of communication via social media must be discontinued. In this case blocking is the best option.

The stalker is still being persistent you can opt for a temporary move. Change your residence and keep a low profile but don’t avoid social contact. Don’t want to feel lonely unblock yourself out from society. Hang out with trusted friends and be with people you love. If you have children make sure they are accompanied everywhere they go. If you have pets enjoy the day stay within the household. Prioritize security measures on your new home. Check the security system the household provides. Ensure that your contact information is in no way kept open to people. Keep your keys safe and your vehicles Juiced up in case of an emergency.

Finally if all else fails, the now is the time to go get a restraining order. Gather all forms of evidence what you have against the stalker and approach an attorney. Go to trial and file an official restraining order that will ensure your safety by law.

Whether you are married, divorced or single,

a case of stalking can have huge emotional and psychological impacts on anyone. Even your friends and family might get involved and everyone might start getting a grasp of what is happening to you. But no matter what happens what is most necessary is to keep your head high and your wits about you. Talk to trusted friends about how you feel about everything. You can even opt for counselling if you think it’s necessary. But at the end of the day your safety is still in your hands. Do what’s necessary and get rid of the stalker by utilizing the methods described above. Hope it’s helpful.

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